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Techspressionism emerges as a fresh addition to art history, delineating the practice of fine artists leveraging digital technology to express subjective and emotional narratives. As an indexed artist within the realm of Techspressionism, I delve into this innovative approach.

Cyberiana serves as a vibrant communal space for artistic peers - a bustling town square where creative minds converge to exchange ideas, insights, and breakthroughs. Notably, Cyberiana offers a virtual reality (VR) option, enriching the collaborative experience with immersive dimensions. Additionally, it holds distinction as The Wrong Biennale's chosen pavilion, further cementing its significance within the contemporary art landscape.

Curated by Tommy Mintz, Renata Janiszewska, Michael Pierre Price, Stephen Paré.

Featuring Moritz Albrecht, Colin Goldberg, Renata Janiszewska,  Lee Schnaiberg, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Mark Klink, Deann Stein Hasinoff, Cynthia DiDonato, Judith Jacobs, Diana de Avila, Sahar Moussavi, Darcy Gerbarg, Michael Pierre Price, Karen LaFleur, Elio Ramos, Nina Sobell, Nkolo Ntyam, R Gopakumar, Tim Cierpiszewski, Visheh Khatamimoghaddam, Eegun xyz, Susan Detroy, Roz Dimon, Victor Acevedo, Stephen Paré, Margaret Dolinsky, Lee Day, Daniel Pelletier, Verneda Lights, Kate MacDonald, Malcolm Fernandes, Christina Galbiati, Negin Ehtesabian Lichty, Jan Swinburne, Tommy Mintz, Andrea Mikyska, Malavika Mandal Andrew.

Cyberiana opens Saturday, December 3oth, 1pm-4pm ET. Pick your avatar for a virtual 3d gallery art experience.

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