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Beyond the veil of pixels lies a hidden world. Explore my digital dreamscapes and experience the magic of digital art with me.

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Participated in the 12th edition, held in Dubai's historic Al Shindagha neighborhood. Presented a collection of digital works featuring pixelated flora and fauna alongside nature scenes, creating an immersive experience with captivating soundscapes

Collaboration with TODA, Epson & W3rlds...

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Discover how technology and nature work together at TODA Dubai, where my generative art show is taking place. I created a colorful landscape across nineteen projection areas, guided by the melodies of pianist Vlad Rotberg. Every note was converted into a brushstroke in pixels... more details

Cyberiana, an online VR gallery where each artist crafts a unique 3D room. Explore, chat, and stroll the virtual town square. It's an immersive online exhibition experience, bridging creativity and technology...

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