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NeoClassica, Toda Dubai

Nature's symphony meets digital vibrancy at TODA Dubai, where I, as a generative artist, painted a blooming landscape across nineteen projection areas. Inspired by the very essence of growth and transformation, my pixelated flowers unfolded in sync with the mesmerizing melodies of piano maestro Vlad Rotberg.

Each note became a brushstroke, guiding the digital garden's evolution. Pixelated blossoms danced and swayed, their forms echoing the music's ebb and flow. Some sequences saw them morphing into smooth shapes, while others took flight, mirroring the soaring emotions carried by the notes.

TODA Dubai is more than just a venue; it's a canvas where boundaries dissolve and artistic expressions dance with technology. My digital garden, pulsating with the life force of nature, is a testament to this transformative power.


Piano: Vlad Rotberg

Digital Artist: Eegun

Visual Curation: Pico Velasquez and Evgeniya Romanidi

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